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Celestix WSA™ SSL VPN appliances now deliver Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010 for secure remote connectivity.


Providing network services to remote users is a challenge. Different classes of remote users need to access key network applications using public and private endpoints across intermediate networks. Unsecured remote access can disclose sensitive information left on endpoints and intermediate servers. If left unchecked, infected endpoints can be vectors for cybercrime.


NEW!!!! Celestix Salesforce SSO module for WSA

With the Celestix Salesforce SSO for WSA solution, Salesforce access is treated like any internal application accessed via the SSL VPN. In this manner, Celestix is able to enforce endpoint security compliance, leverage corporate access policies and manage permissions. WSA can be connected to local authentication repositories such as Active Directory without having to expose usernames/passwords to the cloud. This eliminates redundancy of user/policy information within Salesforce and thereby minimizes maintenance complexity. Click here for more information.



WSA™ appliances from Celestix™ with Microsoft® Forefront™ Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG) are the right way to safeguard your network assets from the vulnerabilities of delivering network services via remote access.


WSA appliances are fully integrated solutions that let you provide employees, partners, customers, and other users with policy-based secure access to applications and data from any PC or device and any location. SSL encryption prevents unauthorized access to any sensitive information left on intermediate servers, while session wipers remove data from endpoints when sessions end. UAG's health and security checks prevent endpoints that don't comply with configurable health and security standards from connecting to the network. Best of all, UAG lets administrators expose only the applications, or parts of applications, to only the users or user classes they wish to authorize.


UAG also expands the options administrators have for managing Microsoft's new DirectAccess always-on VPN feature in Windows Server 2008 R2.


As fully integrated appliances, WSA appliances are quick to deploy and easy to manage. Rack, connect, power, and input settings to have your WSA solution up and running in 20 minutes straight from the shipping box. The jog dial and front panel display let you input network settings and check status on the spot. WSA appliances have a single Web UI that lets you perform advanced configuration for both UAG and the WSA appliance conveniently from your desktop.


For more industry-leading ease of use features, back up your configurations right on the box. WSA's features for Last Good Version and one button reset to factory presets let you experiment with configurations or perform disaster recovery with little or no risk. Celestix' software update service also saves time and money by delivering prescreened alerts, update and patches to you via a single Web UI.


New with UAG is the ability to cluster up to 8 servers together for load balancing and high availability using Microsoft's Network Load Balancing (NLB) service. NLB protects the user's investment by allowing capacity to increase by scaling out additional servers rather than by moving up to a higher performance platform. NLB also increases the robustness of the gateway function by supporting an active/active failover capability. This ensures that the failure of a single server will not completely disable the gateway service. No additional client access licenses are required for NLB so licensing cost only increases in proportion to the number of actual users.


Control Access

  • Secure, web-based access to business critical applications and data:
  • Differentiated and policy-driven access to network, server, and data resources. Flexible application-intelligent SSL VPN from any device or location.
  • Highly granular access and security policy enforced at the session, application, and function levels.
  • Comprehensive basic and form-based authentication through Active Directory®, RADIUS, LDAP, and SecurID®.
  • Customizable, identity-based web portal with single-sign-on (SSO). Handles embedded browser applications.
  • Connectivity and control for client/server and legacy applications. Management features for DirectAccess VPN.


Protect Assets

  • Integrated application protection helps ensure the integrity and safety of network and application infrastructure by blocking malicious traffic and attacks:
  • Application-layer firewall blocks non-conformant requests, such as buffer overflow or SQL injection, on application protocols.
  • Comprehensive protocol validation and deep content inspection with both positive and negative logic rulesets.
  • URL cloaking and full functionality for remote users through dynamic URL rewrite and HTTP parameter filtering.
  • Application Optimizers provide out-of-the-box protection for high value applications such as SharePoint® Server, Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access, SAP®, and WebSphere®.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting; integrates with third-party risk and policy management platforms. Extensible infrastructure and tools for custom application publishing and scripting.


Safeguard Information

  • Comprehensive policy enforcement helps drive compliance with legal and business guidelines that require information usage criteria to limit exposure and liability when accessing sensitive corporate data:
  • Ensures network integrity by restricting client access based on endpoint security profile.
  • Strong endpoint security management and verification helps ensure endpoint health compliance and session control.
  • Enforces policy controls over actions within an application.
  • Cache-cleanup tailored to specific applications removes downloaded files and pages, URLs, custom caches, cookies, history, and user credentials.
  • Detects endpoint security state.


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