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Opting for the virtual solution takes away the need for you having to find space in your ever valuable rack space, especially when you have invested already in your virtual environment, why not use resources you already have. You do not lose any features by opting for a virtual solution.



Where abouts do I install my new appliance in my network?

Our SSL VPN appliances can pritty much be plugged in anywhere on your network.

Depending on how your network is setup and what you'll be using it for will dictate how your new appliance is installed.

What are concurrent users?

Concurrent users are the amount of people connected to your SSL VPN appliance at one particular time.

(If you have 100 employees but only 50 employees will be connected at one time, then you willl only need 50 concurrent licenses.)

Is DMZ important for my appliance?

This can vary, however its best practice installing the appliance into a DMZ (dedicated zone).

This allows you to have a wider range of control over data within your network.

How do applications run over a SSL VPN connection?

Web based applications can be easily run through the client's browser. However other applications such as remote desktop, telnet servers and other non-HTTP based applicatins can be accessed using a special client application or browser plug-in...

(e.g. ActiveX or Java)

Can I access Windows shared folders and printers over SSL VPN?
Yes. There are a couple of options as to how this can be done. You can use a web-based application that allows you to access shared folders or use a small client that will provide a direct connection to the company network.
How is SSL VPN different than a traditional IPSEC VPN
We have an entire article dedicated to explaining the difference between SSL VPN and IPSec VPN.
Are there yearly subscriptions requried to use a SSL VPN?

Sort of. You can run a SSL VPN appliance without any subscriptions for support or firmware upgrades. However, just like your servers and desktops, software updates and security patches should always be applied when available.

With an active support agreement you are entitled to these features.

Can I get help setting up a SSL VPN solution?
Absolutely, that is what we do best. You can contact our sales team and they will be able to assist you in any manner to ensure you successfully roll out your SSL VPN solution.
Can we use Active Directory for authentication of our users?
Yes. All SSL VPN solutions include support for Active Directory authentication using either RADIUS or LDAP.

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